Helping people to help themselves

One cow can radically change the life of an entire family.

Home Based Care

We support people on the ground - effectively and unbureaucratically.

Women For Women e.V.

This is Women For Women

In many African countries, widowed women or women abandoned by their husbands live with their children in almost unimaginable conditions. With no income, no prospect of work, and no way to raise the children’s school fees, they practically live from hand to mouth.

Women For Women has set itself the goal of helping women in Kenya and Uganda to help themselves in a direct and unbureaucratic way.

Our project keeps being successful. In 2021 we were able to hand over cow number 1.000! Hereby we want to say thank you to anyone who has been supporting us so far.



Every cow counts!

With the receipt of a cow, the widow commits herself on the one hand not to sell it and on the other hand to return the firstborn calf to our association after about six months of nursing.

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