Home Based Care


In the meantime, we also take care of women who cannot behave like a cow themselves. But also of men who are too old or too sick to be able to care for themselves anymore.

Old people’s homes or nursing homes are absolutely unusual in Kenya. Normally, the family network takes over. But even here this model is crumbling. In our immediate neighborhood, many old and sick people are affected by this change and are left to fend for themselves. In order to provide them with the most basic necessities, we launched another aid program in July 2018 under the name “Home Based Care”. This provides those in need with basic necessities such as food and medicine on a weekly basis. Any doctor’s visits or vital surgeries that may be due are organized and paid for, repairs at the huts are arranged, blankets are distributed or a bed with a mattress is provided, which the vast majority do not have. This work has proven to be very effective and unbureaucratic. The fact that the women and men can still remain in their familiar surroundings is a very positive side effect. There are currently 70 women and men in this program.

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